The first day of spring is a good excuse. I am bringing this BLOG to life !!!


A new space, barely green, develops here - a space full of gold and silver, colored stones, goldsmith's secrets and stories about people. A space full of emotions!

I never made plans, and when I was young I let life carry me along its flow. I was lucky, although a few logs were thrown at my feet. But I was always optimistic about looking ahead. And so, not knowing which career path to choose, which side of my hobbies to throw myself in, life was under my nose. GOLDENING. It was love ... almost at first sight. Almost ... :) You can learn this short story of the first meeting on the page ABOUT ME. And then it's like in the best marriage. Yes, there are quiet days, but love and passion last :)


I love gold, a lot of gold! Ah, his hot, sunny glow, this pleasure of working with it ... I also cannot create without the coldness of silver. Silvery gray in matte surfaces reminds me of Baltic horizons on cloudy days, when water glistens and its color blends with the gray-blue color of the sky ... Yes, I love the sea. On hot and cold days :) Yes, I love gold and silver, which I use to create my jewelry.

Here you will meet simple and classic forms, rounded rings, but also those slightly contradictory and powerful SQUARE rings that I have been creating for 20 years! Often the form will be dominated by stones and their shapes or colors will guide the final look.

I invite you to my world. Take what you like and check back for more.