I’ve loved two things since I was a child – dancing and making things. Luckily my mum didn’t approve of a ballet school, but she gave me a free hand in creative forms! So, I was drawing, sewing and making embroidery… arranging the space around me in different ways.  
However the choice of my life path wasn’t easy …
I ended up at prosthodontic. My dexterous abilities found their vent :) … There was only one such class – orthodontics! – How I hated curving those wires!! But during the second year of studies we had to prepare root crown inserts in silverware … it was then that I cast my FIRST EARINGS – KNOTS ! I closed that dental chapter of my life!

Throughout the whole year I had been searching for a place where I could learn goldsmithing. I had heard from the goldsmiths in Gdańsk, that it was futile, that this profession was disappearing! But I did find the place! In Bydgoszcz. I begged those splendid masters to admit me – even though I was an adult – to practice. Yet amazingly I managed to earn quite a lot to pay for the practice and … it did happen FIRST DAY IN THE JEWELLERY WORKSHOP!
My workbench and my tools waited for me … and among them … 5 pieces of orthodontic equipment! My first task: curving silver wire for bracelets !!! ... When I was walking along the street, that sunny, September afternoon - I was crying my eyes out! I was depressed and angry. So much effort, so much money and I would be curving wires again!!?? …                                                                                                                                                 
But the next day I was lost. Totally! It was the first time, I experienced THIS moment, when from under the blackish surface of the product, under the polishing brush, the first flash of silver or gold appears! I still love it!
That was in 1993. I’ve been running my own workshop for over 20 years now and I LOVE MY WORK!
Sometimes I curve wires, sometimes thick plates. I file metal and sometimes my own fingers. I trim, solder, compose and create! … I still love music. It happens that, moved by a rhythm, I start dancing… holding some wire in my hand:)
Welcome to the world of JABŁOŃSKA JEWELLERY!