1. The terms and conditions set forth below shall apply to all use of jabizuteria.pl website. The operator of the online shop is “Jabłońscy Biżuteria” company. By your use of the website or purchase of the products through the Website, both the Customer and the Seller agree to these terms and conditions.
2. “Jabłońscy Biżuteria” has an exclusive right to run the online shop given above and  hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
3. The Seller declares that all the products offered in the online shop are new and placed on the  market legally.


      Dariusz Jabłoński
      ul. Kasztelańska 30
      88-100 Inowrocław
      NIP 556-143-45-72


1. Jabłońscy Biżuteria sells the products offered in its shop through the Internet.
2. You can place an order in our online shop round the clock, seven days a week.
3. In order to make a purchase contract, the Customer must be a natural person (entity) with the  full capacity acts in terms of law.
4. Completion of an order placed in a weekday after 1:30 and on Saturdays, Sundays and  national holidays starts on the nearest weekday.
5. By placing an order in jablonskajewellery.com, you agree to these terms and conditions.
6. Information concerning the products of jabizuteria.pl does not signify the offer  according to the Civil Code but this is the invitation to make a purchase contract. By filling in an order form, the Customer makes an offer to purchase a particular product.
7. The Seller can reject the order completion, restrict the payment method and demand  prepayment.
8. The goods (jewellery products) have specific properties that should be taken into account during the purchase. The Customer should familiarize himself/herself with the product description:
 a)  every product is unique and is slightly different from the copy of the same model. It concerns specific product elements (precious stones) or the size of these products
 b)  most of the products that are on offer in jabizuteria.pl website are not big in size  and the images of the products on the Seller's website are only for illustrative purposes and actual products may differ from such images
 c)  differences in products' appearance due to the Customer's computer settings (product colour, proportion etc.) cannot be the reason to make a complaint
9. All the information concerning the service jabizuteria.pl can be obtained by the  email address: ja.bizuteria@gmail.com.


1. The Seller can cancel the order if it is not possible to complete it.
2.  In the case of a situation specified in a paragraph 1 above, the Seller will inform the Customer immediately and will return everything to the Customer what he/she provided to  jabizuteria.pl unless the Customer chooses another product.
3. The order is completed only when the goods are available.


1. All the prices are inclusive of VAT and are in PLN.
2. The price shown for every product is firm at the time of placing an order by the Customer.
3. The Seller has the right to change the price of the products that are on offer, launch new products to the online shop offer.
4. The Seller sends the receipt for every completed order or a VAT invoice only on a customer's request and after passing all the information needed to make it out.
5. The receipt or VAT invoice should be kept in order to return or make a complaint of an item  bought in jabizuteria.pl online shop.


1. The ordered product is sent to the address that was given during placing an order.
2. The package can be posted through freight delivery companies: Poczta Polska (Polish delivery company) or a parcel carrier. The delivery cost can vary and depends on the chosen  delivery company and the place of delivery (country).
3. The Seller shall not be liable for shipment delay owing to circumstanes beyond the Seller's  control, especially in the case of unpredictable situations.


The payment for purchased products in jabizuteria.pl online shop is to be made by an online payment PayU or PayPal during placing an order or a bank transfer on Credit Agricole account 26 1940 1076 3013 6638 0000 0000.
In the transfer title the Customer should write an order number or a symbol of a purchased product. The order is fulfilled immediately after the money are credited to a shop's bank account.


1. Pursuant to the Art. 2 of the Act 2nd March 2002 on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damages caused by hazardous products (Official Journal No. 22 of 2000  Pos. 271 with later amendment), the Customer can cancel the purchase without giving the  reason within 10 days form the delivery date.
2. The returned product should be sent back in its original undamaged packaging and with its complete content (the product, tag, invoice or fiscal receipt etc.) and it should not bear any  traces of being used or redone.
3. The Seller states that he does not accept packages paid on delivery.
4  Returning the package, the Customer should enclose a statement about cancelling the contract and give customer's personal information and an account number where the  received payment will be returned.
5. In the case of terminating the contract, the payment will be returned to the Customer within 7 weekdays form the delivery date of the returned package. The Customer will be informed  about it by an email or phone message.
8.  Important! Wedding rings and products for special order and jewellery engraved on a customer's request cannot be returned pursuant to the Art. 10 of the Act of 2nd March 2000  on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damages caused by hazardous  products.


1. If the Customer finds some technical defects after receiving the product, he can exercise the     right to warranty claims and send it back to the seller's address. Shipping costs are covered  by the Customer. Any complaint sent back must be accompanied by a proof of purchase, a  fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice. The document with the description of the defects found by  the Customer should be enclosed within the package.
2. The seller does not accept packages paid on delivery.
3. The Customer will receive the answer to the complaint made within 14 days from the date of  a package delivery to Jabłońscy Biżuteria Company.
4. The process of considering the complaints is free of charge.
5. The Seller shall notbe liable for any damages caused by any misuse of the products,  mechanical damages and other defects. If it occurs, the Customer will be informed about the  possible cost of repairing the product and its shipping as well as the date of the  repair. The Customer can reject the proposition of the repair and demand sending back the  product. In such a situation the Customer covers the shipping cost.
6. The warranty and terminating the contract are not in force when the product is affected by mechanical damages caused by external factors. Therefore the Customer must always make sure that a parcel was not damaged during the shipping. The Customer must particularly  pay attention to the condition of the tape and seal sticked to the parcel. If  any delivered  parcel is damaged or the seal (tapes) are cut off, the Customer should refuse to accept the goods and write a complaint protocol in the presence of the courier as well as immediately  inform the Seller in order to explain it. Any complaint regarding any damaged or stolen  parcel during shipping shall be taken into account on the basis of the report made by the Customer to the courier company worker at the delivery.


1. Filling in the order form is equivalent to the acceptance of personal data processing by  Jabłońscy Biżuteria pursuant to the Act of 29th August 1997 (Official Journal No. 133 Pos.  883). The Customer's personal data will be processed only to complete a placed order,  including issuing the invoice, and in order to deliver a company's financial report. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party. In other cases the  Customer must agree to have his details processed according to the form that can be found  on a jablosnkajewellery website.
2. The Customer's personal data, pursuant to the Act of personal details protection are not sold  or disclosed to any third party or institutions and its disclosure is necessary to complete the  contract for purchasing the products and services.
3. A shop administrator is the only person who has the access to the personal data.
4. Every customer who fills in the order form has the right to verify and edit his/her personal details. The Customer can also ask for deletion of personal data by writing to the shop adminstrator's address.


1. All the photos and texts placed on jablonskajewellery website are the property of Jabłońscy  Biżuteria Company adminstering the online shop.
2. Copying photos, content and other graphic materials placed on jabizuteria.pl website is  absolutely forbidden.
3. It is forbidden to download and use the content placed in jabizuteria.pl website for  marketing or commercial aims.


1. The content of these regulation is in force on …........................................
2. jablonskajewellery.com online shop reserves the right to change the regulations at any time. The changes do not have any negative effect on the order completed before the changes of  these regualations.
3. The changes are in force from the moment of publishing them on jabizuteria.pl  website.
4. To any matter not governed by these regulations, the provisions of applicable legal acts shall apply, in particular the Civil Code, the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code as well as the Act on protection of certain consumer  rights and liability for damages caused by hazardous products.
5. All the complaints should be sent to our email address: ja.bizuteria@gmail.com or by letter to:

    Dariusz Jabłoński
    ul. Kasztelańska 30
    88-100 Inowrocław

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