I melted the gold for this ring with a completely different design. When I saw how beautiful it was, I prepared a thicker ring. Inspiration led me to a completely different area. I began to groove the hollows - I like uneven, rough surfaces. When a wide ring was created, I chose a stone which color and flash broke its rawness - topaz sky. It is framed on an additional, unregulated winding band.
Each copy is made by hand. Inequality and bending on both rings that make up this ring are different each time. Its width is 14 mm. It can be narrowed down to 11 mm without significant damage to the appearance of the ring. The size of the stone 5x7 mm. Time of completion of the ordered size is max. 7 business days.

  • Metal type: 14 ct YELLOW GOLD
  • Weight: ~ 9,5 g (depending on the size)
  • Size: ANY SIZE - according to the order
  • Jewel: TOPAZ


5 609,76 zł

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