unusual - gold bracelet

The wide gold bracelet, created on the basis of an original chain. It is handcrafted, so each link has a slightly different shape. Each of these is irregularly hammered and shaped. Surfaces of the elements is polished and delicately matted with single scratches. The links are freely connected, thanks to which the bracelet wraps the hand freely.

It decorates and complements every outfit. I like to wear it with jeans and a T-shirts, as well as with an evening dress. Despite its massive form, it draws attention with its delicacy. Each specimen looks different, keeping the general parameters. It is available on order, for the desired length. It can be made of any color of gold.

THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ON ORDER The time of making a product is maximum 7 working days.

  • Metal type: 14 ct YELLOW GOLD
  • Weight: about 14,40 g


8 048,78 zł

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